Author: Caroline Ramos

Self Medication Part 2: Mental Health Recovery Process

Author Brian Belt, sharing a continuation on the topic and Blog on Self Medication So, after I finally confided details of my thought process and traumatic memories with my counselor, I was given the diagnoses of schizophrenia, substance use disorder, and schizotypal personality disorder.  And no, I wasn’t placed involuntarily into a psychiatric ward for… Read more »

Self-medication and a first step in the mental health recovery process

  Upon returning to the states after experiencing my first major psychotic break, I was pressured by both my parents to speak with a psychiatric counselor.  I did so but only Very reluctantly-   At the time, I believe I was being fed a strong daily cocktail of antipsychotic medication that slowed my thought process… Read more »

Substance Use Disorder and Neurodiversity

As many people in the mental health community are aware, there is a positive correlation between substance abuse issues and neurodiverse/mental health conditions.  Many people with mental health diagnoses ranging from depression, anxiety disorders, and schizophrenia commonly go through periods where they abuse substances whether it be alcohol, cocaine, heroin, or other inebriants to manage… Read more »