Author: Rich McHale

Don’t Take No For An Answer

Once Devin graduated high school, Lisa and I were ready to tackle the next step in his journey, college! We seriously thought about not sending him to pursue higher education. Devin was not built for school and we thought a trade school would probably be a better option. However, Devin still lacked some academic and… Read more »

To Have Tourette’s or Not Have Tourette’s is my Question

Ever since I can remember, my father would always talk to himself or bite his knuckle with his eyes wide open as his body moved in a angry fashion. I never thought much of it other than it was weird. When he was in the mitts of these actions, he was in a zone and… Read more »

I have three kids and the smartest one has a learning disability

My three kids are Devin (20) Riley (18) and Morgan (15), and what makes this title so funny is that it’s TRUE! When we first learned about Devin’s challenges, I was devastated. For the first 10 years, I convinced myself that Devin would be living with Lisa and I for the rest of our lives…. Read more »

Don’t Underestimate Your Child With a Disability 

The biggest obstacle I had to over come when raising Devin, was my ability to have confidence in his actions. Whether it was his academic ability, athletic ability or social skills, I struggled with believing in his capabilities but he always proved me wrong. Devin struggled with gross and fine motor skills, speech and language,… Read more »