Reply To: Show us your art!

Heather Brookman

Love this idea Rich since it is through the arts that students enjoy freedom of expression, where every effort is valued and it is not possible to make mistakes. They are free to communicate and express themselves in a visible and healthy way without feeling the boundaries of the rules of language. Many adults also feel more comfortable showing rather than telling. People may find themselves in situations where it is easier to simply express their thoughts or ideas in a drawing.  This may create positive experiences and boost emotional arousal which are among the most powerful ways to increase self-efficacy (Bandura, 1989). Through involvement with the arts, students process information internally in their own way and are able to find their own expression and derive their own meaning (Berghoff, 2001; Hoyt, 1992; Soundy & Qiu, 2006).

Let’s see some art!