Don’t Take No For An Answer

Once Devin graduated high school, Lisa and I were ready to tackle the next step in his journey, college!

We seriously thought about not sending him to pursue higher education. Devin was not built for school and we thought a trade school would probably be a better option. However, Devin still lacked some academic and social skills that would be vital in any environment so we decided College was his next stepping stone.

We began searching for schools that specialized in education for the neurologically diverse. After several visits throughout the north east, we settled on LandMark college. We fell in love with the school and the culture it provided.

We helped Devin fill out the application and we sat and optimistically waited for the response. Five Weeks passed and we finally received a notice from LandMark College: Devin was not admitted!

Lisa and I were devastated to say the least. When we told Devin the sad news, he responded with “Oh well, can’t win them all “ and walked away with a smile. Lisa and I were not having it . We drafted a letter to rebut Devins decline. I called it the 3 little bear letter.  The First draft was Angry, the 2nd was practically begging to let Devin in, but the 3rd one was just right, a good balance between the two.  We had to get our emotions out first, before we could clearly write a strategic letter back with facts. Devin never tests well but he excels in the classroom. His 4 year High School transcripts depicts an honor student with a 90 plus average. Devin won numerous awards throughout his 4 years and all his teachers had nothing but exceptional effort comments. We reached out to his teachers and explained the situation. We doubled down on the letters of recommendations and pointed out to Landmark admissions to focus on his academic achievements and not his Test scores. Needless to say, Devin was accepted the second time around!

We were in Aruba on a family vacation when we received the good news from Landmark. When we told Devin, he broke down in tears. Not tears of happiness but tears of fear. Devin did not want to go to college. He wanted to stay home in his comfort zone. We did not bend, he was going.

Devin is now entering his 3rd year and is excited to return this fall be with his friends. He achieved national honor society in the spring semester of 2022. Lisa and I feel we made the right call pushing Devin and challenging Landmark after the initial decline letter. LandMark is happy with there decision and Devin is happy to be a college student.

LandMark college has been great to Devin and really has helped him grow and evolve into the talented young man he is today.