I have three kids and the smartest one has a learning disability

My three kids are Devin (20) Riley (18) and Morgan (15), and what makes this title so funny is that it’s TRUE! When we first learned about Devin’s challenges, I was devastated. For the first 10 years, I convinced myself that Devin would be living with Lisa and I for the rest of our lives. I set up a special needs trust with my attorney, I set extra money aside for his needs as an adult and I even had long talks with Riley, Devin’s younger brother about how one day he will need to take care of Devin. I think Riley was 9 at the time. I look back today and I chuckle, what was I thinking? I never gave Devin a chance and to Think Riley at 9 years old would even process what I was saying is beyond stupid.

Devin definitely was not your typical teenager. He wasn’t overly insecure or an attention seeker. He did not lack common sense and was always responsible. He followed all the rules and never experimented with drugs or cigarettes. He was always respectful, never lazy and willing to work hard at whatever he got into. So basically, he was the complete opposite of a teenager. While most teenagers (including mine) do what teenagers do, Devin was constantly focused on bettering himself.

At 13 yrs of age, we had no problem leaving Devin home alone with his two younger siblings so Lisa and I could enjoy a night out on the town.

I look back when I was a young adult and how immature I was. Devin is more mature at 20 than I was at 30. He keeps life simple and has a tremendous amount of patience. He prefers to keep his circle small with a few close friends. He never takes on too much or lives outside his capabilities.

His formula for life is brilliant and has achieved him much success. He has been rewarded so many accolades that I lost track and currently is a National Honor Roll recipient in his sophomore year in college.

Devin is an avid runner, loves to Mountain Bike, Jet Ski, wake board , ride horses and is currently learning how to hunt. He is a true renaissance man.

To be clear, I am not knocking my other two kids or other teenagers. However, if they pursued life like Devin has, without the obstacles of a learning disability, just imagine the possibilities.

Devin has taught me and others so much. He was dealt a crappy hand but he ends up winning the game