Man Attributes His Success of Becoming a Doctor to Being Raised by His Dad Who has Down Syndrome

Sader Issa, who studied dentistry in Syria, attributes his success today to being raised by his father, Jad, who has Down Syndrome.

“Our loved ones with DS are our source of inspiration and strength. They raise us to the highest sky with their love and compassion,” Issa said of his loving father.

“Personally, I think I would’ve been much less excited about life and much less passionate with what I do if I didn’t have my special father. Unfortunately, I have not been posting anything lately due to the busy college schedule. I will be coming to you all soon as the first known doctor born to a father with DS.”

Jad worked in a wheat factory for 25 years, and because of his hard work and selflessness, became an important pillar of the community. He is well known for his kindness and for expressing love and admiration for all while expecting nothing in return.

According to Issa, his dad showered him with love and did the best that he could to make his childhood the same as any kid’s.

“Many people who read about our story think it’s fake, which makes me even more proud of what we have accomplished, because it’s not even believable for many people. We still have a lot to do, we still dream of bigger accomplishments. We’re honored by the love and support we get from the Down Syndrome community worldwide and we will fight side to side to change all the outdated ideas about our loved ones with DS.”

Sader said he is proud to have such a dad, loved by so many.

“For [my dad] only the sky is the limit, despite being looked at as someone not worthy of accomplishing anything important. Here he is today inspiring hundreds of thousands all around the globe with just being the man he is.”

And to celebrate Down syndrome awareness month, Issa wants everyone to keep something important in mind.

“Let us all be free from the labels we put on each other based on our ideologies, skin color or mental and physical conditions. Let us all be HUMANS.” (📸 credit: @saderissa). Follow @majicallynews for more good news stories.