Themba Tutors

What Can Themba Tutors Do for Your Child and Family?

At Themba Tutors, our expert academic tutors, learning specialists, and executive functioning coaches do more than just help your child pass their school subjects with flying colors. We are committed to your child’s academic success. Not only do we provide homework and coursework help, but we also ensure your child is supported in other areas. This means ensuring that students also develop positive traits and study, organization, and time-management skills, which can help them in their academic journey and in navigating their later adult lives.

How Can Themba Tutors Help?

Themba Tutors provides well-rounded and comprehensive support to students and their families. When you work with our expert tutors, your child will receive focused attention, one-on-one guidance, and individualized tutoring with your child’s interests, strengths, concerns, and goals in mind.

To guarantee your child’s success in school, Themba Tutors will:

  • Connect with the student’s teachers to monitor progress and address new areas of concern that may arise
  • Align the tutoring plan with the school curriculum to ensure seamless integration of new skills and information
  • Act as mentors and positive role models
  • Match your child with a tutor who is an expert in learning/childhood development and in the specific field of content where support is most needed
  • Identify your child’s academic demands and create the best solutions to address them
  • Communicate with families constantly to update parents of their child’s progress as well as provide tips on how to further support their child at home

For executive functioning coaching, Themba Tutors can help with:

  • SMART Goal Setting – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound. These are the key traits that ensure your goals are clear and attainable. Our executive functioning coaches guide our students in every step of the goal-setting process and help them achieve the objectives they have set for themselves. The SMART method ensures that students stay focused, motivated, and empowered as well as feel a sense of accomplishment after each goal has been achieved.
  • Organization – Getting kids to be and stay organized is a pipe dream for some parents, so leave it to our executive functioning coaches to teach your child organizational skills. We’ll show them how to properly keep their backpacks neat and tidy, how to give everything a home, and how to work smarter—not harder (knocking out the most difficult tasks first, combining smaller and similar tasks, and more)!
  • Creating a positive study space – Children learn best when they are in a comfortable environment free from noise and distraction. Our executive functioning coaches can help you set up a dedicated space for your child’s at-home tutoring sessions.
  • Setting up systems – Using calendars, planners, to-do lists, and trackers is the best way to ensure that your child stays focused, motivated, and on-task when meeting deadlines or completing projects and assignments.
  • Delayed gratification – Technology makes it possible to have anything we want with one click of a button, but this weakens a child’s ability to self-regulate. Our executive functioning coaches help students develop self-awareness and the ability to delay gratification to achieve better rewards or results at a later time.

Time management skills – We help students develop and improve their time-management skills by teaching them productivity techniques. This includes breaking down bigger tasks into smaller chunks, getting started, tracking time and progress, and planning and prioritizing.