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Thank you for visiting connectingground.org. The purpose of this website is to provide a space for individuals to share information learned and heard in this community of unique people and their families, friends and resources they have found useful. We welcome your messages, anecdotes, inquiries, opinions, thoughts and discussion– but, each time you enter and utilize this site, you agree that you shall remain exclusively responsible for your access to the site and any information provided or accessed here. By accessing this site and agreeing to these terms, you agree to a limited license to use the information contained herein conditioned on and by the terms of use contained below, which terms shall change from time to time without prior notice.

Connectingground.org is an organization bringing together people who, for their own unique reasons, strengths, weaknesses, talents, abilities and skills – their ground – find their path outside the mainstream, and this site is designed to bring them together to discuss their unique paths and to share resources and experiences, which they as contributors are uniquely qualified to discuss. To that end, as a condition of participation, you understand that Connectingground.org has no peculiar knowledge or expertise regarding any contributors’ experiences or inputs, and information on Connectingground.org is never intended as professional advice of Connectingground.org or its employees, agents and investees. As a condition of use, you agree that your contributions are to be helpful and constructive, free of profanity, aggression, harassment, bullying, intimidation or violation of any civil or constitutional right or protected characteristic, and may be removed at any time, in part or whole, at Connectingground.org’s sole discretion and without notice. All participants in Connectingground.org gather and share resources and information in hopes of relating to one another better and finding our way in our world where the understanding of learning and social paths outside the mainstream is fast evolving. Relating better and finding our way does not include posting internet memes, entertainment media, jokes, commercial solicitations, sale information, etc. and Connectingground.org reserves the right to remove, redact and restrict such content, in its sole discretion at all times.

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